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Manufacturing Warranty


  1. Each spring mattress carries a 10-years Pro-Rated Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects on its spring unit.

  2. Warranty on other components against manufacturing defects is valid for one year which excludes fair wear and tear.

  3. Warranty does not cover mattress that is soiled, burnt or evidently abused due to improper usage and handling.

  4. Any manufacturing defects arose within the first year of delivery shall be repaired without charges, but excludes transportation charge. It is borne by purchaser.

  5. Should manufacturing defects develop after the first year of delivery, repairs shall be charged Pro-Rated on 1/10th of the purchase retail price multiply by the number of year used plus transportation charges

  6. Manufacturer reserves the right to substitute fabrics of equal quality id identical fabrics are not available at the time of repair or replacement.

  7. Normal body impression on the quilted surface of the mattress is a normal occurrence as the upholstery layer s are conforming to your body contours. These body impression are characteristics of the mattress and are not considered manufacturing defects.

  8. Any depression of less than 3cm of the original mattress height is considered physiological due to body impression, high elasticity of materials used in the manufacturing and normal wearing, thus not sagging.

  9. Any possible odours arising from the mattress is considered normal and will diminish over time with sufficient amount of ventilation in your bedroom.

  10. For any new mattress, a 'variable period' for your body to adapt to the mattress is necessary.

  11. Warranty does not cover 'comfort expectation'.

  12. Manufacturer shall not be held responsible for any repairs carried out outside its factory.

  13. This product warranty is only valid within Malaysia.

  14. This warranty is deemed void if:-​​​

    • the mattress is on sagging base.​

    • the mattress is torn or mutilated.

    • the label is removed altered or tampered with.

    • the mattress is exposed to direct sunlight or soiled in unsanitary conditions.

  15. ​This warranty endures only to the benefits of the original purchaser ("The Purchaser") of the product, commences on the date of mattress purchase, and shall not be extended or restarted should the mattress be replaced or repaired.

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